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The light bulb has so many uses but we seldom wonder how we had ever gotten along without it.

If you are enrolled in or are considering one of our high-unit majors, such as engineering, computer science, or liberal studies, carefully review the GE changes outlined in GE Foundation requirements before the 9 units of upper-division coursework in a Pathway may be taken. A minimum of 9 out of the 48 GE units must be taken at CSU, Chico. GE courses are periodically reviewed and may be added to or deleted from the list below.Businessmen and scientists could work late into the night and people could read, study or socialize after dinner and before bedtime.As a result, the light bulb ushered into society a new age of enlightenment as it fostered the growth of science, manufacturing, commerce, education, and leisure, vastly improving the lot of many people’s lives.It is a unique and foundational 9-unit general education experience for Honors students.Homeowners are often curious of the age of their home appliances.

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