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Diana Ross, a singer of songs of anticipation, fascination, and delight, is not only a distinguished singer and actress, she’s an American dream.Ross was named Female Entertainer of the Century by Billboard magazine, received a special Tony for her stage show “An Evening with Diana Ross,” received numerous American Music Awards, and was nominated more than ten times for a Grammy Award and given the Heroes Award by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Kneeling L-R: Eric Jones" Tyrone Stanley, Rodney Foust TITA CHAPTER "THE BEAST" Right - OLE SCHOOL L-R James Jarman. George Miller Left - SPRING 90 "BLUE CHAOS" L-R Kevin B. Bishop Ransom Networking In Action students participated in an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Atkinson Rosalyn Attoh Darira Barnes Alicia Bates Kammick L. Phillips Linebackers Ralph Brown Defensive Secondary Mark Saunders Running Backs 175 Football With Liberty Baptist College "f . They come in large numbers to fill Aggie Stadium and offer the best sup- port ever. 182 A&T's two newest BLACK BELTS shorten the generation gap with Stephen Webb c/o '92; Chem- istry and U. 184 i Mim Sports Hall Of Fame 185 Volleyball Team 186 o cm ? These seem most successful when developed under leadership which is sensitive both to academic demands and to informal and formal human relations. Selective procedures for admission is a con- tinued process. coming The Cato family enjoys the coro- nation of their daughter. Failure to advance will retard social, religious, intellectual and physical growth. SPRING '92 CRIMINAL MINDED Men of Distinction Culture For Service: Service For Humanities SPRING '92 "LEGION OF DOOM" Standing: Kenneth Shelley, Kevie Wi L Teddy Smith, Leon Goosby, Ken White, John Brown. Gatjens Hilai re-Saint Mark Sanders Tatyana Sanders Terrell L. Eder Quarterbacks/Receivers Linwood Ferguson Defensive Coordinator Joseph Godette Offensive Coordinator Kenneth A. The back to the face can be taken as positive reinforcement, to keep your guard up! or hook kick serves as powerful weapons helping him earn the title of "sport karate's competitor of the year 1992" The female component is ever present as seen with Dawn's deterring this would be attack- er and with the presence of two females in A&T's karate dojo's instructional staff. GREENSBORO, NC SHERATON GREENSBORO HOTEL GOVERNOR'S ROOM Saturday Evening, Twenty-First of November Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Two p.m. A New Beginning The New Transition Layouts Are Done With Ballpoints 191 Special Events Terrific Hours Attention! Programs on a daily basis establish satisfying per- sonal relationships and prestige. Welborne, Jr., Vice Chancel- lor for Student Affairs attends a Recruit- ment Reception. In an effort to challenge students more strictly on educa- tional, intellectual, and social standards, an Orientation is held at the beginning of the academic year and during the summer. Keep smiling ered at every rehearsal to the night of the coronation. You must be involved in the homecoming events to understand with a full comprehension of this realistic celebration.The Muny’s latest production, the final show of its 2015 summer season, has a strong production team and promising cast, and I had been looking forward to seeing it all season.Ultimately, though, while I find this production thoroughly entertaining, I was expecting “amazing” and what I see here is simply “very good”.

The opening, as cowboy Curly (Ben Davis) starts singing the glorious “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'” offstage before he appears to serenade Aunt Eller (Beth Leavel) is legendary.

A&T STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO, N.a 27411 l Ai ( I V a SEm F. Harper 19 ^KM 20 Freshmen Tony Hayes Willie Hester Dominique Higgs Coffy Hines Holly A. Epperson Tiffany Eubanks Tongeia Everette Lesley D. Harrison Players LUNCHEON Introduction of First Presentor Herman Dixon Student Government Association Speaker Bennle Brewlngton, III Student Leader Selection Christopher Sutton Chaplain, Football Team Introduction of Second Presentor Tremayne J. It symbohzes our "NEW BEGIN- NING" as well as the fervor in which we enter the New Era. AGGIE PRIDE-rejuvenated, reborn, revived Displayed in our political stride! AGGIE PRIDE-aggressive, achieving, allied Displayed by every alumnus "worldwide" AGGIE PRIDE-regal, revered, renown Displayed by Beauty, who wears our crown! Williamson Chemistry College of Arts And Sciences Dr. Meada Gibbs Business Education and Administrative Services School of Business And Economics Dr. Physical Education and Recreation School of Education Dr. Chowdhury Manufacturing Systems School of Technology Dr. Peter Rojeski, Jr, Architectural Engineering School of Engineering Dr. King Chemical Engineering School of Engineering Dr. Murray Civil Engineering School of Engineering \ 300 CHAIRPERSONS r DR.

Gill Chantelle Grady Cindy Greene Dovetts Hairston Latisha Hamilton Cynthia Hampton Shandette E. Dumas Tara Dunnigan Christa Eaves Dan Edwards Corey Elliott Vincent Elliott Jelvaner Ellison Kevin Elwood Wendell Ely Ubani Eni Charlene A. Smith Vice- President, Internal Affairs, SGA Invocation Mingo Long Actor, Richard B. her century of Excellence." Our past has laid an enriched foundation that enables us to move into "A NEW ERA IN ACTION." This New Era In Action is more than a homecoming theme. Wilbur Smith Mathematics College of Arts And Sciences Dr. Mark Kiel Accounting School of Business And Economics Dr. Johnson Business Administration School of Business And Economics Dr. John Spurlin Electronics & Computer Technology School of Technology Dr.

Most of the biggest chart successes of the past couple of years in the urban music field focus on the twin themes of the local club and neighbourhood environment, and sexual play and relationships.

In terms of the latter, while heterosexual romance has been a core element of teenage pop culture since the 1950s, never before has there been such consistent questioning of sexual conduct and motivation and such sustained foregrounding of women’s empowerment.

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