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I'd run the second site using the Flask web framework and Python, as it's easy for me to churn out things quickly with Python.

Smart self-updating website: no need to worry anymore about keeping your website content fresh.

Moojy's website packages include everything you need to get online and visible in search engines.

You can manage your website or online shop by simply accessing your online Admin Control Panel from any computer with an internet connection to add and edit your content.

I'd use RSS or JSON on the first site and make a feed of all the changes.

If I can't do that due to ownership, I'd just parse the site with Beautiful Soup and cron every few minutes to record changes via that.

Your zite is fully responsive to look great on any device.Also very excited about the fact that my Facebook videos now also come automatically on my site!TL: DR; version ;) -my app should run without user interaction (autostart etc works) -it should update itself (via apk) without any user interaction -rooted devices are possible .It is recommended that you update each certificate before its expiration date to ensure that your Security Server and Messaging Server function normally.The wizard can update the following private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates: Updating your certificates briefly interrupts Internet connectivity and client access to Microsoft Exchange through Outlook Web Access.

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