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Using this software and any updates or upgrades as provided by Research In Motion Limited or any of its affiliates ("RIM") is subject to the Black Berry Software License Agreement ("BBSLA"), unless otherwise stated.

Don't get too excited clicking and hoping to update anything just yet.

To start a new operating system install, you'll need your Black Berry, an Internet-connected PC, a USB cable and about an hour and half of free time—50 minutes or an hour for the upgrade process and 30 minutes or catch-up time afterwards.

Mac users beware: RIM doesn't currently offer the Black Berry Desktop Manager software for Apple computers; however, industrious Mac owners running Parallels and who have a copy of Windows have been able to upgrade their Black Berrys via Macs, though the process can be a bit clumsy.

Before updating your phone's software, it's recommended that you back up the phone memory.

Click here for information on how to back up the phone memory.

BES12, a cross-platform EMM solution by Black Berry, delivers device ownership flexibility, built on the trusted security and reliability we’re known for.

Apologies to the frustrated members of Crack Berry Nation who were excited to update to the latest release of OS 4.5 officially. RIM has made made OS4.5 Black Berry device upgrades available via the web at blackberry.com/upgrades Assuming you're using Internet Explorer (you'll need IE to get the Active X Control to work), just visit blackberry.com/upgrades and click the Upgrade button.

Our buds over at Berry Review have summed up the situation nicely so I'll borrow from them on this: Looks like the Web Upgrade for OS 4.5 we mentioned before is limited by your PIN # and its association with your carrier. Follow all of the instructions and you will soon have yourself the latest offical OS for your Black Berryd device.

You can update the phone's software when a new software version is available.

Follow these instructions to update your phone's software.

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