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Third, if you use the Alternate Mon Launcher - https:// ... continued/ you can exit XCOM2 now and relaunch with the AML. The path to my config folder is different than yours, mine is C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XCom Game\Config I had to go to the folder "My Games" to get to the XCOM2 folder. Php BB does not have pre-defined terms and conditions as it is being used for building online communities that could define their own terms and conditions.Mostly all php BB based forum owners create their own terms and conditions by simply creating new threads and posts where they define all the rules that must be followed by the users.

Search for a new road (added by me) works OK in App but doesn't work on Live Map. Everytime, Live Map updates, you will get an email.

I used the following commands to update to the nightlies.

I rebooted my Pi but it freezes on the runeaudio login: command and doesn't boot. delete the contents of /var/www (including hidden files) DOUBLE CHECK the path before entering the command!

Live map is updated, but the roads take longer to appear there (in the app, new segments appear with each tile build).

If you attempt to route from/to those segments you added, you'll get routed as if they were there.

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